What Are the Benefits of Implementing Video Marketing?


    What Are the Benefits of Implementing Video Marketing?

    In the dynamic world of digital marketing, we've gathered insights from marketing experts on the unexpected perks of integrating video into their strategies. From enhanced audience engagement and brand authenticity to reformatted video content enhancing cross-platform presence, discover the diverse benefits in these twenty-one expert contributions.

    • Enhanced Audience Engagement and Brand Authenticity
    • Viral Video Leads to Brand Growth
    • Broader Audience Attraction with Video Content
    • Increased Customer Participation and Message Clarity
    • Higher Onsite Conversion Rates with Video CTA
    • Boosted User Engagement and Website Dwell Time
    • Video Content Offers Long-Term Value and Views
    • Human Connection Creates Memorable Brand Experiences
    • Video Marketing Essential for Social Media Reach
    • Direct Traffic Surge from Video Content Engagement
    • Videos Spark Conversations and Humanize Brands
    • Video Feedback Enhances Customer Product Understanding
    • Video Content as a Profitable Revenue Stream
    • Viewer Engagement Sparks New Market Opportunities
    • Tutorial Videos Reduce Customer Support Load
    • Video Marketing Boosts Industry Expert Perception
    • Regular Video Posts Rekindle Old Business Contacts
    • Authentic Connections Built Through Video Storytelling
    • Video Marketing Enhances Brand Trust and Authenticity
    • Video Marketing is Affordable
    • Video Marketing Builds Trust in Online Business
    • Reformatted Video Content Enhances Cross-Platform Presence

    Enhanced Audience Engagement and Brand Authenticity

    One unexpected benefit we've experienced from implementing video marketing in our strategy is a significant increase in audience engagement and brand authenticity. While our primary goal was to convey information in a visually appealing manner, we found that the personal and dynamic nature of videos helped establish a more authentic connection with our audience.

    The human touch provided by video content, including product demonstrations, behind-the-scenes footage, or interviews with team members, resonated well with viewers. This authentic connection resulted in increased trust and a sense of familiarity among our audience. As a result, our brand became more relatable, leading to higher levels of engagement, social shares, and positive feedback.

    The unexpected benefit was the ability of video marketing to humanize our brand, allowing us to connect with our audience on a more emotional level. This not only strengthened our customer relationships but also positively impacted our brand image, ultimately contributing to increased customer loyalty and a more robust online community.

    Rachel Hensen
    Rachel HensenContent Writer, PWA Media

    Viral Video Leads to Brand Growth

    Going viral is one of the unexpected benefits I experienced from implementing video marketing in our strategy. Once, I published a video meme about a new technology device, and my post went viral. The numbers from the clip were remarkable, with over 1 million views on YouTube Shorts. The figures also translated to our website, growing our site visits by nearly 500%.

    When the video went viral, our team was ready to capitalize on the moment. The subscriptions to our newsletters surpassed 10,000 for the first time. Marketers should be ready to capitalize on these unexpected benefits of video marketing. In the digital age, your brand can grow overnight if your content reaches the right eyes and ears. Create clips, and lots of them, as they can give you a chance to grow your brand significantly.

    Bobby Lawson
    Bobby LawsonTechnology editor/publisher, Earth Web

    Broader Audience Attraction with Video Content

    As a video editing and marketing agency, one unexpected benefit that our clients usually report when we implement video marketing is the influx of new customers who weren't initially in their target market. The engaging nature of videos seems to have this magical effect of drawing in a broader audience. We've had folks stumble upon our and our clients' content, get hooked, and become loyal clients, even though they might not have been the primary target demographic.

    In our experience, it's like unlocking a whole new segment of the market we hadn't tapped into before. It turns out, the power of visuals extends way beyond our initial expectations, and we and our clients are happily welcoming this unexpected wave of diverse clients into the fold.

    Daniel Willmott
    Daniel WillmottFounder, Shortformvideo.co

    Increased Customer Participation and Message Clarity

    Video marketing sprang a surprise advantage—a big jump in how customers participate and engage. This type of content helps us touch the hearts of our audience more, making them come back for more, share our stuff, and stick to our brand. The best part? Video marketing lets us share complex messages in an easy way, meaning our customers 'get' our products and services better. In short, it's been a strong tool in building solid customer ties and boosting our business.

    Khurram Mir
    Khurram MirFounder and Chief Marketing Officer, Kualitee

    Higher Onsite Conversion Rates with Video CTA

    Instead of a form to set up an appointment or get a call back, we made the primary CTA on our website 'Watch a Demo.' The video was conversational and showed a lot of highlights from our product. By making our CTA more video-oriented, we saw a substantial lift in our onsite conversion rates. We had more leads come through, and those leads were higher quality because they were already familiar with our product thanks to the video walkthrough.

    Logan Mallory
    Logan MalloryVice President of Marketing, Motivosity

    Boosted User Engagement and Website Dwell Time

    One unexpected benefit I've experienced from implementing video marketing is the significant increase in user engagement and time spent on our website. Initially, my primary goal with video content was to enhance brand visibility and provide a dynamic way to present information. However, the extent to which videos captivated the audience was a pleasant surprise. Users were not just watching the videos; they were spending more time exploring other content on the site.

    This increased dwell time has a twofold advantage: it signals to search engines that our content is valuable, potentially boosting SEO rankings, and it enhances the user's connection with our brand, increasing the likelihood of conversion or further engagement. Moreover, videos provided a platform for storytelling that resonated deeply with our audience, leading to higher shares and interactions on social media. This form of content allowed us to convey our brand's personality and values in a way that text and images couldn't match.

    The emotional connection fostered through video storytelling has been instrumental in building a loyal community around our brand. It's a powerful reminder that sometimes, the medium can be as impactful as the message itself.

    Joe Davies
    Joe DaviesCo-Founder and CEO, FATJOE

    Video Content Offers Long-Term Value and Views

    Video content has the longest shelf life of anything we do. We pivoted to using video marketing both in ads and for our content midway through last year. And it's been surprising how, even though it has been months, these videos still garner views and conversions. We went into video thinking it would be like Facebook or Twitter. But the truth is, video is a lot more like SEO blogging than social media. Because of this, we've pivoted our video strategy from creating current videos to making videos that can provide value for years to come.

    Jon Elordi
    Jon ElordiDirector of Marketing, Main Street Rank

    Human Connection Creates Memorable Brand Experiences

    One unexpected benefit of video marketing is the memorable ripple of human connection it fosters. Beyond metrics and conversion rates, video has wielded the power to transmute cold digital spaces into hubs of warmth and rapport, bridging the chasm between brands and audiences with stories that resonate at a visceral level. The moving image has not just marketed products; it has curated experiences and woven narratives, weaving itself into the fabric of digital storytelling, which invariably builds trust—a currency of invaluable merit in today's marketplace.

    Jared Floyd
    Jared FloydExecutive Producer, Ajax Creative

    Video Marketing Essential for Social Media Reach

    With social media still the leading, most-used form of marketing, leveraging video marketing in your strategy is a must. Without video, you basically do not have a leg to stand on when it comes to targeting the massive audiences platforms like TikTok boast. Even Instagram, which started out as a platform for sharing photos, has an algorithm that prioritizes Reels, a.k.a. short-form video content. Businesses not using video marketing are missing out on a huge market segment. And, incorporating video into your content marketing strategy is easier than you might think. By using video content marketing, even small, new start-ups are able to economically reach their target audiences. Collaborations with short-form video creators and micro-creators offer new businesses a way to market using video, for little to no charge, too. It is a no-brainer for anyone starting a business today.

    Stefan Campbell
    Stefan CampbellOwner, The Small Business Blog

    Direct Traffic Surge from Video Content Engagement

    An unexpected benefit we found with video marketing was a 25% surge in direct and organic video traffic. We originally saw YouTube as a podcast promotion tool, but viewers engaged so deeply that they actively sought out our website afterwards. This direct connection through video content surprised us and opened up a new avenue for driving organic website visits.

    Scott Gabdullin
    Scott GabdullinCEO and Founder, Authority Factors

    Videos Spark Conversations and Humanize Brands

    One unexpected benefit from video marketing that I have discovered is its ability to open up more conversations through social media. My thinking behind why this happens is pretty simple: it is another step towards being more human and presenting to consumers in a more authentic way. Kind of like how photography is the next step of connection past words, video acts in the same way as that step closer. The more human we feel to the audience, the more likely they are to want to create conversations and converse with us on a human level. It is important to take the opportunity with your video to create a conversation to create the reaction, because just by presenting yourself in a video, you are taking a step closer to the consumer than you had before.

    Brett Downes
    Brett DownesFounder, Haro Helpers

    Video Feedback Enhances Customer Product Understanding

    Our video marketing campaigns initially produced surprising results. Our audiences were quick to reply after viewing our product 'in action.' During focus groups and individual conversations, they shared their understanding of its ease of building and personal enjoyment. We have been able to capture the expressions of users, from young children to the elderly, in these video messages. Our fulfillment team has been able to develop videos that illustrate the initial steps of book-building, reducing our customers' questions and increasing their use of many of our built-in tools.

    Ashley Kenny
    Ashley KennyCo-Founder, Heirloom Video Books

    Video Content as a Profitable Revenue Stream

    Implementing video marketing brought us the unexpected benefit of an additional income stream. Initially, we just wanted to use videos for promotion and engagement. But as our video content gained popularity, we realized it could be monetized.

    We started by enabling ads on our videos, which brought in a steady stream of revenue. Then, we explored sponsorships and partnerships with brands that were a good fit for our audience. These collaborations not only boosted our income but also added value for our viewers. Additionally, we used our videos to promote our own products and services, leading to increased sales. This approach to video marketing turned out to be a profitable and multifaceted strategy for our business.

    Precious Abacan
    Precious AbacanMarketing Director, Softlist

    Viewer Engagement Sparks New Market Opportunities

    Invested engagement from viewers was an unexpected benefit. When we added video to our marketing strategy, we wanted to educate our existing clients on how to better use our platform. We achieved that goal but were impressed by the interest people had in HTML. These weren't only businesses commenting on our videos; regular consumers also gained an interest in how we developed a lightweight email signature platform. The response to our videos has made us consider releasing a social media equivalent to our software—something that signs posts or adds links with ease. The engagement generated so many ideas for me that I can't wait to get started on tapping into this new market. And it's all thanks to adding video to our marketing strategy.

    Bernardo Castro
    Bernardo CastroFounder, Bybrand

    Tutorial Videos Reduce Customer Support Load

    An unexpected benefit we’ve discovered is its role in customer support. Our tutorial videos, demonstrating how to use our platform, have significantly reduced the load on our support team. These videos have also allowed us to provide round-the-clock assistance, catering to clients across different time zones. Clients now self-serve by watching these videos, freeing up our support team to focus on more complex queries. This shift toward self-service has not only improved our support response times but also empowered our clients, giving them the flexibility to learn at their own pace and enhancing their overall customer satisfaction.

    Laia Quintana
    Laia QuintanaHead of Marketing and Sales, TeamUp

    Video Marketing Boosts Industry Expert Perception

    Introducing video marketing into our strategy brought an unexpected advantage: it enhanced our image as industry experts. This perception shift not only improved our conversion rates but also expedited the entire sales process, as customers became more confident in our expertise and quicker to make decisions.

    Justin Silverman
    Justin SilvermanFounder & CEO, Merchynt

    Regular Video Posts Rekindle Old Business Contacts

    We post five days a week on TikTok, and then amplify across LinkedIn, X, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. The most unexpected outcome has been reach-outs from people I haven't spoken to in 5-15 years. They see our videos and reach out with opportunities to work together. I've learned that posting content regularly creates opportunities to reconnect with people in our network, leading to new business opportunities.

    Robert Brill
    Robert BrillCEO, Brill Media

    Authentic Connections Built Through Video Storytelling

    The inclusion of video marketing in my strategy has created significant audience impacts, building trust and connections. Through videos, I let them show and appeal to emotion, having a transparent personality, and providing authentic content.

    It shows the humans behind the brand.

    With a stronger sense of connection with the brand through videos and visual storytelling, they can put themselves in and witness experiences. Adding a human touch to your videos fosters loyalty and contrasts with traditional content.

    Taking a look at the behind-the-scenes of the brand reveals authentic and raw content, showcasing the expertise of its members.

    This extends beyond marketing, creating a positive impact on customer relationships, connecting with the audience emotionally, allowing them to remember the messages shared in the content, and discussing it with others.

    Creating a personal connection with your audience creates a lasting impact on customers.

    Nicholas Robb
    Nicholas RobbHead Honcho, Design Hero

    Video Marketing Enhances Brand Trust and Authenticity

    As a digital marketer, one unexpected benefit I've experienced from implementing video marketing in my strategy is the significant boost in brand trust and authenticity. Video content allows for a more personal and humanized connection with the audience. When viewers can see and hear a real person or get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of a company, it creates a sense of transparency and authenticity.

    This personal touch fosters a stronger emotional connection between the brand and its audience, leading to increased trust. People tend to resonate more with a brand that feels genuine and relatable. Additionally, video content often allows for storytelling in a compelling way, helping to convey the brand's values, mission, and culture more effectively than traditional text-based content.

    Diana Royanto
    Diana RoyantoContent Writer, Milkwhale

    Video Marketing is Affordable

    Video marketing is a cost-effective tool. Contrary to popular belief, video marketing doesn't have to be expensive. With technological advancements, creating and sharing high-quality videos has become more affordable and accessible than ever before. With the rise of social media and video hosting platforms like YouTube, you can reach a large audience without spending a dime on advertising. This makes video marketing a cost-effective tool for businesses of all sizes. You can even repurpose existing content, such as blog posts and presentations, to create engaging videos without breaking the bank. Additionally, video marketing allows for targeted advertising, meaning you can choose exactly who sees your videos based on demographics, interests, and behaviors. This ensures that your message reaches the right audience and maximizes your return on investment.

    Tristan Harris
    Tristan HarrisDemand Generation Senior Marketing Manager, Thrive Digital Marketing Agency

    Video Marketing Builds Trust in Online Business

    Establishing trust is paramount in business, and video marketing has been instrumental in helping me achieve this milestone, particularly through video marketing on YouTube. In contrast to the text and images that I've used in my marketing campaigns since the inception of my business in 2015, video marketing has played a crucial role in validating the relocation services we offer to our customers.

    As an online business, we encounter the challenge of persuading individuals that we can provide essential information, such as moving costs, to those seeking to relocate. To date, our services have been used by over 400,000 individuals, a testament to the trust we've cultivated through video marketing. Each month, an increasing number of individuals visit our website seeking information on costs, routes, and transportation options, finding help in planning their relocations. I encourage all entrepreneurs, regardless of their business nature, to explore the potential of video marketing.

    Ryan Carrigan
    Ryan CarriganCEO & Founder, moveBuddha

    Reformatted Video Content Enhances Cross-Platform Presence

    One unexpected benefit I've experienced from implementing video marketing in my strategy is that video content can be reformatted and used on other platforms. Recently, I posted a promotional video for a new product on Facebook. I utilized the same content to post product snippets as stories on Instagram and created GIFs for Pinterest. Screenshots of the video were also used in email marketing campaigns. The message and visual aesthetics of the video are obviously the same when you chop it into other content pieces, which helps with consistency of branding and messaging. This also ensures that the content will be seen by users of specific platforms. Furthermore, shorter videos are helpful to quickly grab the attention of new users, while the more extended version is ideal for those who are aware of the product and interested in learning more, which means that this approach also expands who your message will reach.

    Warda Humayun
    Warda HumayunMarketing Coordinator, Achievable