Which Content Pieces Significantly Impact Lead Generation?

    What's one piece of content you created that had a significant impact on lead generation, and what do you attribute its success to?

    In the quest to drive lead generation through compelling content, we've gathered insights from Content Marketing Managers to CEOs, distilling their most impactful creations into one comprehensive guide. From a guide that resonates with tech audiences to customer success stories that build trust, explore the diverse strategies behind the 29 pieces of content that have significantly moved the needle for businesses.

    • Guide Speaks Directly to Tech Audience
    • Entrepreneurial Success Story Drives Engagement
    • Case Studies Showcase Process and Delivery
    • Unique Retail Insights Attract Traffic
    • Recruiter Templates Simplify Task Management
    • Blog Post on International Client Acquisition
    • Guide Merges Passion with Practical Insights
    • Interactive Content Engages and Converts
    • Tutorial Offers Clear, Actionable Steps
    • Case Studies Prove Real-World Results
    • White Paper Targets Higher Education Marketers
    • Timely Tech Blog Post Addresses Needs
    • Webinars Engage Leads with Valuable Insights
    • Company Culture Stories Attract B2B Contracts
    • Viral Videos Combine Amusement with Information
    • Infographic Highlights Product Benefits Visually
    • Trends E-Book Generates Substantial Interest
    • Case Studies Prove Marketing Expertise
    • SEO-Optimized Landing Page Collects Leads
    • Social Media Snippets Lead to Blog Engagement
    • Value-Driven Content Attracts Link-Building Clients
    • Press Releases Highlight Affordable Insurance Options
    • Easy-to-Understand Industry Guides
    • User-Generated Videos Showcase Authentic Experiences
    • Animated Video Addresses Complex Concepts
    • Article Targets High-Intent CRM Users
    • Downloadable Salary Guide Aids Decision Making
    • Blogging Blueprint Blends Tips with Narrative
    • Customer Success Stories Build Trust

    Guide Speaks Directly to Tech Audience

    We put together a simple guide called "PR for Tech Companies." It was a big hit! We filled it with easy tips and real stories just for tech companies.

    It was like we were talking directly to them, and they loved it. This guide really helped us stand out and brought a bunch of new clients our way.

    It goes to show, if you really understand what your audience needs and explain it in a way they get, they'll come to you.

    Marco Genaro Palma
    Marco Genaro PalmaContent Marketing Manager, PRLab

    Entrepreneurial Success Story Drives Engagement

    One key piece of content that I am particularly proud of is an article titled "These Brothers Started A Custom Stickers Business At 16 And Have Grown It To $1.5 M/Year"

    This article detailed our journey from teenage entrepreneurs to the owners of a successful sticker printing business generating $1.5M annually. We shared our experiences, the challenges we met along the way, and how we overcame them, providing a real-life testimony that resonated with our target audience.

    The message that we really wanted to get across with this article is that entrepreneurial success is attainable, no matter where you start from. As brothers who began a business venture in our teenage years, we faced numerous trials and obstacles. Yet, we persevered and grew our small sticker business into a thriving enterprise.

    This journey we shared is not just our story; it's a testament to the power of determination and hard work everyone can relate to. It demonstrates that dreams can become reality if you're willing to take risks and put in the effort.

    I think the direct, personal narrative, coupled with practical insights into our business, succeeded in creating a connection with our readers and potential customers, thereby driving significant lead generation. Moreover, we promoted the article through various channels like social media and email marketing, contributing to its success in reaching a wider audience.

    David Rubie-Todd
    David Rubie-ToddCo-Founder & Marketing Head, Sticker It

    Case Studies Showcase Process and Delivery

    One piece of content we created that has had a significant impact on lead generation is the development and posting of case studies of our past work. As a commercial photography company, we have a portfolio on our website of images from various projects to showcase our overall expertise. However, we really wanted to focus on telling the story of a single project so that potential clients could gain an understanding of our process and what we deliver.

    By posting project case studies to our website and optimizing them for SEO, we have found a new way to bring in leads with the additional benefit of adding content to our website and social media at the same time.

    During the quoting process with potential clients, they will often refer to the case study that initially caught their attention, resulting in leads that have a higher intent to convert, as they are inquiring more about style and ability to achieve the project goals than about price.

    Megan Lowdon
    Megan LowdonDirector of Operations, Robert Lowdon Photography

    Unique Retail Insights Attract Traffic

    As a writer in marketing, I have had to write many promotional pieces, both long- and short-form. A few months back, I wrote an article on a topic related to in-store merchandising at retailers. Post-publishing, this led to a massive inflow of leads and traffic on our website.

    When writing the piece, I decided to write something unavailable on the internet. Sure, there were sections reminiscent of what others had written (common knowledge), but there were also significant areas that were completely new and based on my own insights and understanding of the retail industry, predictions, and so on. Finally, I added some internal linking to that, and lo and behold, readers obviously found it interesting enough to navigate through it to our website.

    The formula: research + unique insights + internal linking.

    Soham Chakraborty
    Soham ChakrabortySenior Content Writer, BeatRoute

    Recruiter Templates Simplify Task Management

    In my role as a content marketer for a B2B SaaS company, the most impactful pieces of content we created were 'Ready-to-Use' templates for recruiters. Most of our leads come from this category of our content bucket.

    These templates are tailored to meet the needs of recruitment professionals, helping them efficiently manage tasks ranging from sourcing applicants to collecting feedback.

    The focus on user experience is evident in their design. They are created to be intuitive and easy to use, ensuring that recruiters can focus more on engaging with candidates and clients and less on navigating complex software.

    Madhurima Halder
    Madhurima HalderContent Manager, Recruit CRM

    Blog Post on International Client Acquisition

    I believe that a well-researched and written blog post like our '7 Tips How to Get International Web Design Clients Now' is still our most successful piece of content in terms of lead generation.

    The success of this blog post can be attributed to several factors:

    First, the topic of international web design clients is highly relevant and sought after by our target audience. By addressing a pain point and providing practical tips, we were able to capture the attention of potential leads.

    Second, we conducted thorough research to ensure that the content was both informative and valuable. We included actionable advice that our audience could implement immediately, which helped to establish our credibility and expertise in the industry.

    Third, we promoted the blog post across various channels, including social media, email newsletters, and industry forums. This helped to increase its visibility and reach a wider audience, leading to more leads being generated.

    Tom Molnar
    Tom MolnarOperation Manager - Web Designer - SEO Expert, Fit Design

    Guide Merges Passion with Practical Insights

    One of my most impactful pieces was an in-depth guide on "Precision Shooting in the Great Outdoors." This content seamlessly blended my passion for outdoor exploration and competitive shooting, providing valuable insights for both audiences. The guide covered gear recommendations and shooting techniques, and highlighted breathtaking natural settings for enthusiasts.

    To enhance lead generation, I strategically incorporated interactive elements like quizzes, fostering engagement. Additionally, SEO optimization and sharing on relevant forums amplified its reach. The success stemmed from aligning genuine enthusiasm with practical insights, resonating with my dual audience. This approach not only attracted outdoor and shooting communities but also positioned me as an authoritative voice in a niche intersection, driving substantial leads.

    Megan Kriss
    Megan KrissChief Editor, Hunting Mark

    Interactive Content Engages and Converts

    Quizzes, polls, contests—that's the interactive magic bullet for lead generation. Users get hooked, data flows in, and conversions take flight. It's like throwing a knowledge party where everyone wins (even you, with those juicy leads!).

    Remember, the content that resonates depends on your audience, your business, and your overall strategy. So, craft interactive experiences that tickle their curiosity, gather insights, and make them shout, "Take my email!" You'll be amazed at how these engagement powerhouses fuel your lead generation engine.

    Michael Branover
    Michael BranoverBusiness Development Director, Branover Contractors Inc

    Tutorial Offers Clear, Actionable Steps

    One of our most effective lead-generation content pieces has undoubtedly been tutorials. A tutorial is a form of content designed to educate your audience on how to accomplish a specific task. It can be delivered in various formats, such as video, audio, or PDF downloads.

    In our tutorial creation process, we emphasize the use of a list format for the headline, such as '7 Steps to Creating and Profiting from Online Courses.' From my perspective, incorporating numbers into the headline is instrumental in helping readers understand the number of steps required to achieve their desired outcome, which enhances the overall appeal of the content. This approach has proven to be a highly successful lead magnet on our website. The success can be attributed to its ability to provide clear and actionable guidance to our audience, making it a valuable resource that encourages engagement and lead generation.

    Precious Abacan
    Precious AbacanMarketing Director, Softlist

    Case Studies Prove Real-World Results

    A comprehensive case-study series showcasing successful tax-appeal outcomes had a remarkable impact on lead generation. By combining my software-development expertise to visualize data trends and employing SEO strategies in content promotion, we provided tangible proof of our capabilities. The success lies in the authenticity of our client stories, demonstrating real-world results that resonated with our target market.

    Eric LamHead of Business Strategy, San Francisco Tax Appeal

    White Paper Targets Higher Education Marketers

    We produced a white paper aimed at a (relatively small) target audience of marketers in higher education establishments.

    The white paper was written to educate the audience on what an effective piece of video marketing looked like and explored the traits and trends at the time. The paper then went further and highlighted elements that were unique to marketing for universities and, therefore, of specific interest to our target audience. The paper encouraged our target audience to consider the type of video marketing they needed, empowered them to write an effective brief for an agency, and gave them the knowledge as to what might resonate with their student audiences.

    We used paid advertising on LinkedIn to promote the white paper to our target audience, which could be downloaded via an online form. This allowed us to collect relevant email addresses and follow up with the leads at a later date to inquire about the usefulness of the paper. This helped us establish a warm connection with the lead and generate new inquiries and work.

    Ryan Stone
    Ryan StoneFounder & Creative Director, Lambda Films & Animation

    Timely Tech Blog Post Addresses Needs

    My blog post about hacking trends was very important as a tech content creator. It made generating leads a lot easier. This content did well because it was based on a well-thought-out approach that met the needs of an IT audience.

    A blog post about new hacking risks and ways to protect yourself from them was well-liked since it came out at the right time and had useful tech knowledge that is always changing.

    The book didn't just list problems; it also provided answers and new ideas. It discussed cybersecurity technology, application methods, and trends. Techies looking for advice loved this approach.

    Promoting information across media in a smart way works just as well as creating it. The blog post received a lot of attention through email, social media, and business groups. Various methods of connecting with tech groups raised awareness.

    More people read blog posts that are relevant and SEO-friendly. By attracting clients looking for security, search engines drove organic lead generation.

    It's crucial to understand your audience's issues and solutions. This blog post's positive responses demonstrate the importance of meeting the tech community's needs.

    Bobby Lawson
    Bobby LawsonTechnology editor/publisher, Earth Web

    Webinars Engage Leads with Valuable Insights

    One standout strategy that really helped boost our leads was running webinars. Think of these as online mini-classes where we shared tips and insights relevant to our field.

    The catch? People needed to sign up with their email to join in. This not only brought in a bunch of new leads but also gave us a direct line to engage with people genuinely interested in our services.

    What made it work was the combination of offering valuable information and making real-time connections. It's a straightforward approach, but it brought us closer to our audience and spiked our lead numbers significantly.

    Tobias Liebsch
    Tobias LiebschCo-Founder, Fintalent.io

    Company Culture Stories Attract B2B Contracts

    I've seen a myriad of content strategies, but one that stands out is when we focused on sharing the company culture and team stories of a key client in the B2B tech sector. While we were primarily focused on building the client’s employer brand, rather unusually, we discovered that this also played a pivotal role in securing several high-ticket contracts. What made the content impactful was its authenticity; it wasn't just about promoting services or touting expertise. Instead, it was a genuine showcase of who they are as a team and what they stand for.

    Through user feedback analysis, we uncovered that while factors like cost, timeline, and quality are undoubtedly important to potential buyers, the decisive factor that won the clients over was aligning with a company whose values resonated with their own. This insight was a game-changer. Plus, it underscored the significance of not just what the client does, but who they are and what they believe in.

    In my experience, knowing the people you're doing business with is invaluable, especially for extensive projects that span months or years. It's not just about building a transactional relationship; it's about fostering a partnership grounded in mutual understanding and shared values.

    Jeremy Rodgers
    Jeremy RodgersFounder, Contentifai

    Viral Videos Combine Amusement with Information

    I remember when educational and amusing videos about our company's products and services went viral. It was thrilling for me and my team. We worked hard on these videos, so watching them go viral was amazing.

    I personally produced these videos, and I can't stress how vital quality was. No money was spared to make the videos look and sound great. From sharp visuals to clear audio, we wanted viewers to be fascinated from the start.

    Content was also important. We made sure our content was amusing and useful. We wanted our viewers to enjoy these videos while learning about our products and services. It was a careful balance, but it worked.

    The shareability of these videos was fantastic. Our audience happily shared them as we urged. Our content spread widely thanks to social media and word-of-mouth. Seeing our videos on numerous platforms and shared by individuals who were passionate about our products was amazing.

    The views and interaction on these videos increased significantly, resulting in more leads. Our videos attracted customers who wanted our products and services. It was evident that high-quality production, engaging content, and shareability had driven our lead generation.

    Our videos going viral was professionally rewarding and a reminder of the significance of creating engaging and shareable content in the digital age. I kept this lesson in mind when we developed our marketing strategies.

    Ryan Thompson
    Ryan ThompsonEditor, Men's Flair

    Infographic Highlights Product Benefits Visually

    Visuals have always been a powerful marketing tool, and the same goes for lead generation. As someone who has worked extensively with visuals in marketing, I can confidently say they have a big impact on generating leads. One content piece that stands out is an infographic we made for a client. It showcased their product's benefits in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand way. We shared it on social media, included it in email campaigns, and even used it as a lead magnet on their website. The success of this infographic can be attributed to its ability to grab attention and deliver important information engagingly. People are naturally drawn to visuals, so when something catches their eye, they're more likely to engage with it.

    Keith Sant
    Keith SantCMO, Eazy House Sale

    Trends E-Book Generates Substantial Interest

    One piece of content that I created, which had a significant impact on lead generation, was a free e-book, "A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners on SEO Trends in 2024." I published this e-book on my website and promoted it on social media, email, and online forums. The e-book generated over 10,000 downloads and 2,000 email subscribers in the first month of its launch.

    I attribute its success to the following factors: It included a relevant and timely topic that many people were interested in learning more about. It provided value and quality to the readers. It had a catchy and clear title that communicated the benefit and purpose of the e-book.

    Simon Brisk
    Simon BriskFounder & SEO Strategist, Click Intelligence

    Case Studies Prove Marketing Expertise

    We've found that one of the most effective pieces of content for lead generation is a well-crafted case study. Our case studies showcase real-life examples of how we've helped businesses achieve their marketing goals. This approach not only highlights our expertise but also demonstrates our proven track record with past clients.

    The success of these case studies largely comes from their ability to show tangible results. We focus on specific challenges our clients face and how our tailored strategies bring about measurable improvements. We not only focus on our clients but also on the industry in which they are operating, and how we tailor our services based on that.

    Moreover, these case studies are a testament to our holistic approach to digital marketing. They encompass various aspects of our work, from good writing and content strategy to SEO and graphic design.

    By illustrating our comprehensive understanding and successful application in real-world scenarios, we effectively communicate our value proposition to prospective clients, thereby significantly boosting our lead generation efforts.

    Bhavik Sarkhedi
    Bhavik SarkhediGrowth Head & CMO, Content Whale

    SEO-Optimized Landing Page Collects Leads

    I created a one-page landing page on a client's website that explains a specific service they provide in detail. I optimized the meta title and description with the target keyword and inserted other relevant keywords that are associated with the target keyword. To collect leads, I added a contact form. When the landing page ranked in the 1st position for the target keyword on Google, leads began flowing in consistently. I attribute the landing page's success to on-page optimization.

    Mei Ping Mak
    Mei Ping MakDirector of SEO and Web, Weave Asia

    Social Media Snippets Lead to Blog Engagement

    As travel bloggers, our priority is our written content. However, getting people to find our blogs can be difficult if we rely on them searching for it on their own, as it is quite rare that people actively search for blogs these days.

    That's where social media comes in. We have recently made a push for video content in order to get attention from mobile users and Gen Z, but we have seen continued success with our Instagram and Facebook posts. Videos and images are immediately eye-catching, and from these posts, people are more likely to click through and read the full content.

    Many people use social media to advertise the actual content, but this doesn't always work for every type of business. What we have found successful is to give a snippet of similar content, or just something that will grab their attention. Once you have their attention, the rest is easy. All you need to do is to provide just enough information to pique their interest, but not so much that there is no need to read on.

    Aiden Higgins
    Aiden HigginsSenior Editor and Writer, The Broke Backpacker

    Value-Driven Content Attracts Link-Building Clients

    As a provider of link-building services, my focus is on creating content that gives value to readers, aiming to assist businesses in increasing brand visibility and achieving high search engine rankings.

    In the current business landscape, organizations are consistently seeking effective strategies to improve their visibility, and informative content is a key resource for gaining relevant insights. My content addresses this need by offering valuable information on gaining coverage through backlinks. This particular topic garnered attention from prospective clients who sought assistance in enhancing their brand awareness. To date, we have successfully collaborated with over twenty clients, a testament to the effectiveness of content that consistently adds value to the reader's experience.

    The key takeaway is that when your content is centered around delivering tangible value to your audience, it creates opportunities for generating leads.

    Brett Downes
    Brett DownesFounder, Haro Helpers

    Press Releases Highlight Affordable Insurance Options

    Our digital media company in the insurance industry sees a significant impact on lead generation whenever we publish a press release promoting one of our articles revealing the best and most affordable insurance options.

    Examples of recent press releases that have been picked up by over 400 outlets include "Geico: Cheapest Used Car Insurance Rates in 33 States ," "Minimum Car Insurance: Only $44 Monthly—But Not Enough! " and "State Farm #1 for Affordability: Lowest Car Insurance Rates in 29 States. "

    We've also experienced traffic increases for such new articles as "Life Insurance Face Value (Terms Explained)" and "Liability Insurance: A Complete Guide."

    We attribute the success to providing clear and helpful information about insurance, a topic in which surveys have shown half of all adults have trouble understanding.

    Michelle Robbins
    Michelle RobbinsLicensed Insurance Agent, Clearsurance.com

    Easy-to-Understand Industry Guides

    At Graham SEO, we found that an in-depth guide on recent SEO trends and algorithm adjustments greatly increased our lead generation. This all-inclusive guide was created with our current and future clients and leads in mind, and it is filled with SEO-specific terminology and ideas. The guide was well-timed because it covered material that was both relevant and up-to-date, right around the time that search engine algorithms underwent significant changes.

    An important part of the guide's success was its ability to simplify SEO concepts so that more people could understand them. Trust and authority were developed in the SEO industry through the provision of practical recommendations and demonstration of our expertise. We saw a meteoric rise in service queries after publishing this article, which in turn drove a flood of visitors to our website. The guide's capacity to address the audience's current problems and needs was crucial to its lead generation success.

    Graham McCormack
    Graham McCormackSEO Specialist, Graham SEO

    User-Generated Videos Showcase Authentic Experiences

    The creation of content that has proven to have a significant impact on lead generation came to us as a bit of a pleasant surprise. We offered 50 women the opportunity to test out our product for free, with only one catch—they had to send us videos of the unboxing moment that we could use in a digital marketing campaign. It was hugely successful, as we had 30 people participate, and 20 of the videos were usable. The content was real and authentic, and it was a great tool as we tried to spread the word about Heirloom Video Books and the quality, thoughtful gift we provide.

    Ashley Kenny
    Ashley KennyCo-Founder, Heirloom Video Books

    Animated Video Addresses Complex Concepts

    One piece of content that significantly impacted lead generation for our explainer video company was an animated explainer video that captivated our audience. Beyond the surface appeal, it spoke directly to a prevalent challenge faced by many—digesting intricate concepts swiftly. The script underwent meticulous crafting, transforming mere words into a narrative that resonated. The visuals, carefully aligned with our brand essence, were visually compelling yet inherently reflective of our identity.

    It wasn't just dropped randomly; we strategically disseminated it across social platforms, emails, and our website. The outcome was remarkable—viewers taking tangible steps, either exploring our services further or engaging with us directly. Quite gratifying, indeed.

    Andre Oentoro
    Andre OentoroCEO Founder, Breadnbeyond

    Article Targets High-Intent CRM Users

    I published a bottom-of-the-funnel article that brought in 200+ sign-ups.

    A few years ago, I worked with a client that owned a CRM software product. One of our competitors was Salesforce, so I wrote an article targeting the keyword 'Salesforce alternative.'

    This article ended up bringing in over 200 free trial sign-ups after 12 months.

    I attribute the success of this article to the bottom-of-the-funnel nature of the target keyword. Someone typing 'Salesforce alternative' has already used Salesforce and is looking for an alternative due to certain limitations with Salesforce. There's a lot of buying intent.

    Compare this to top-of-the-funnel keywords that most companies prioritize, like 'what is CRM software' and 'what are the benefits of CRM software.' These searchers don't even know the value of CRM software; there's no buying intent.

    Scott Lieberman
    Scott LiebermanOwner, Touchdown Money

    Downloadable Salary Guide Aids Decision Making

    In our industry, salaries range from country to country. So, we created a downloadable salary guide that brought all of that information into one place. We think it worked so well because, oftentimes, people don't know where they want to work—so the potential salary can be a huge factor that truly tips the scales in one destination's favor. Finding this information is possible on one's own, but having it all in one place allows our audience to compare quickly in their decision-making journey.

    Kristine Thorndyke
    Kristine ThorndykeCo-Founder, TEFL Hero

    Blogging Blueprint Blends Tips with Narrative

    One piece of content that sparked a significant boost in lead generation for me is the 'Make Money Blogging Blueprint' on my website. Its success lies in the blend of practical tips and authentic storytelling. By sharing not just strategies but also my personal journey, I created a relatable guide that resonated with my audience.

    The Blueprint stands out for its actionable advice, fostering trust and encouraging engagement. Check out the impactful piece ‘How I Made $560,000 in One Year With A Blog | Jon Torres’, and witness how a genuine narrative can be the catalyst for meaningful connections and lead generation success.

    Jon Torres
    Jon TorresCEO, Jon Torres

    Customer Success Stories Build Trust

    One content piece that inspired more lead generation was when I promoted a customer who had used our services in the past and shared positive outcomes. People love to hear success stories; they want to know they will get results when they sign up for something. Hearing my customers' stories showed them that our services worked the way we claimed. It was evidence that could help them build trust in trying it as well.

    Baruch Labunski
    Baruch LabunskiCEO, Rank Secure