Which Digital Marketing Tools Have Recently Improved Workflow?


    Which Digital Marketing Tools Have Recently Improved Workflow?

    In the fast-evolving realm of digital marketing, professionals are always on the lookout for tools that can refine their workflow. We've gathered insights from Heads of Marketing and Directors of Content Marketing, among others, to spotlight the digital tools that have recently transformed their work. From HubSpot's operational streamlining to Trello's collaborative boost, explore the seventeen game-changing tools these experts are using to excel in the digital space.

    • HubSpot Streamlines Marketing Operations
    • Asana Organizes Blogger Outreach
    • Wrike Enhances Team Productivity
    • Notion Customizes Marketing Workspaces
    • SEMrush Shapes SEO Strategies
    • Wix Optimizes Digital Campaigns
    • GA4 Analyzes User Journey Paths
    • Ahrefs Focuses SEO Strategy
    • Hotjar Reveals Website User Engagement
    • KeywordInsights.ai Speeds Up Content Briefs
    • ActiveCampaign Automates Personalized Marketing
    • Google Workspace Tracks Social Media Posts
    • Canva Simplifies Visual Content Creation
    • Keywords Everywhere Enhances SEO Efficiency
    • Zapier Automates Marketing Tasks
    • Canva Boosts Content Creation Efficiency
    • Trello Increases Team Visibility and Collaboration

    HubSpot Streamlines Marketing Operations

    As the Head of Marketing at Stallion Express, Canada's leading eCommerce shipping company, I always look for new digital marketing solutions to improve our workflow and deliver results. HubSpot is a newer product that has significantly improved our operations.

    HubSpot is an all-in-one inbound marketing and sales software solution that allows us to combine multiple marketing duties and data into a single platform. This platform has transformed our productivity by providing one location for everything from content production and email marketing to social media management and lead generation.

    Using HubSpot can streamline our operations, save time, and improve efficiency. Our team was able to browse and effectively use the product thanks to its intuitive UI and user-friendly features. Furthermore, HubSpot's strong analytics enable us to acquire useful insights into our marketing campaigns and make data-driven decisions.

    In addition to its utility and usefulness, HubSpot has enhanced collaboration and communication among our marketing team members. The platform allows us to discuss and track project progress, making collaborating and achieving common goals easier.

    Using HubSpot in our digital marketing strategy has greatly streamlined our workflow. Its comprehensive features, analytics, and collaboration capabilities have helped us increase productivity and effectiveness.

    Diana Zheng
    Diana ZhengHead of Marketing, Stallion Express

    Asana Organizes Blogger Outreach

    Blogger outreach just got smoother! As a digital marketing pro, Asana has transformed my workflow. It keeps all blogger communication, deadlines, and content assets organized—no more email chaos! My team and I collaborate seamlessly, ensuring bloggers are happy and campaigns run like clockwork.

    Udemezue John
    Udemezue JohnDigital Entrepreneur, Tchelete

    Wrike Enhances Team Productivity

    Integrating Wrike into our digital marketing efforts has significantly improved team productivity and collaboration. This tool has streamlined our processes from planning to execution, offering a one-stop platform for all marketing tasks. Customizable workflows, priority settings, and real-time project tracking have revolutionized our approach, ensuring thorough campaigns, content schedules, and asset development management.

    Wrike's flexibility has notably enhanced our adaptability to change. Adjusting campaign priorities seamlessly allows for efficient realignment of tasks and resources without disrupting workflows. This adaptability has led to better time and resource management, boosting campaign performance and team morale.

    Additionally, Wrike's collaborative features have fostered a transparent, communicative environment. Easy sharing of updates, feedback, and files keeps everyone aligned on goals and deadlines, speeding up decisions and improving output quality.

    Wrike has become vital to our digital marketing, driving unprecedented efficiency, transparency, and teamwork.

    Lawrence Young
    Lawrence YoungMarketing Manager, Growthlabs

    Notion Customizes Marketing Workspaces

    We've started using Notion as a central part of our digital marketing workflow. It's incredibly flexible and customizable, allowing us to tailor workspaces precisely to our needs, from content planning and production schedules to analytics tracking and team task assignments. Moreover, Notion enables our entire team to contribute, update, and monitor progress simultaneously, regardless of location, ensuring that everyone is always on the same page.

    Milo Cruz
    Milo CruzSEO & Content Lead, BuddyCRM

    SEMrush Shapes SEO Strategies

    My journey with SEMrush began well before my current role as the Head of Digital Process Innovation at SAFC, stretching back to my early days as a freelance SEO specialist. Over the years, SEMrush has remained my go-to tool for navigating the SEO landscape, providing a robust platform that has continually shaped my approach to digital marketing.

    As a freelancer, SEMrush was instrumental in carving out successful strategies for my clients, offering deep dives into keyword research, competitor analysis, and SEO audits that were fundamental in boosting their online presence. This tool was more than just a utility; it was a strategic partner that enhanced my ability to deliver tailored, results-driven SEO solutions.

    Transitioning into my role at SAFC, I brought SEMrush into the corporate environment, where its impact only magnified. Armed with a deeper understanding of SEMrush's capabilities, I leveraged its advanced SEO audit features to dissect and refine SAFC's digital footprint. This wasn't just about identifying issues; it was about uncovering opportunities for growth and optimization that others might overlook.

    Utilizing SEMrush, I conducted comprehensive audits that laid bare our digital strengths and weaknesses, allowing us to strategize with precision. From enhancing our website's technical SEO to identifying and targeting high-value keywords, SEMrush provided a data-driven foundation for our digital strategy. It enabled us to prioritize our efforts, streamline our processes, and significantly improve our search engine visibility.

    In essence, SEMrush has been a cornerstone of my SEO toolkit, first as a freelancer and now within the corporate framework of SAFC. Its advanced features and comprehensive data analysis have been invaluable in developing and implementing strategies that drive growth and efficiency. SEMrush didn't just help me adapt to my new role; it empowered me to excel, bringing a wealth of freelance experience and digital innovation to SAFC's digital process innovation initiatives.

    Seve Paulo Linis
    Seve Paulo LinisDigital Process Innovation Head, SAFC

    Wix Optimizes Digital Campaigns

    Wix.com is a digital marketing tool that has helped to streamline my workflow since I started using it recently for managing digital marketing campaigns. It comes with a handful of plug-ins for audio and visual content and can be used to manage various social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. The tool has not only elevated my marketing content but also helped to optimize results through real-time campaign performance metrics. Along with website management, I have also used the tool for email marketing. It does a great job of tracking email campaigns and maintaining contact information as well.

    Warda Humayun
    Warda HumayunMarketing Coordinator, Achievable

    GA4 Analyzes User Journey Paths

    As the Director of Content Marketing at Centime, I'm constantly on the lookout for tools that can streamline our workflow and amplify our digital marketing efforts. Recently, we've integrated GA4's Path Exploration tool into our analytics arsenal, and it's been a game-changer for us. This tool allows us to dive deep into the user journey on our website, highlighting the most common paths visitors take, as well as pinpointing where potential drop-offs occur. With these insights, we've been able to identify and address looping behavior, optimizing our site to guide users more effectively toward conversion. This level of analysis has been instrumental in fine-tuning our user experience and conversion rate optimization strategies.

    Aimie Ye
    Aimie YeDirector of Content Marketing, Centime

    Ahrefs Focuses SEO Strategy

    I'm running my own business, and it can be hard to know where to put my marketing efforts if I look at things from too broad a view. I started using Ahrefs to drill further down into my SEO strategy, and it's been a godsend. I'm now able to not only identify my own site's organic trends but also identify areas of opportunity for pages and keywords while keeping tabs on competitors in my space and seeing what they're doing from a content perspective. Using a tool like this has given me a roadmap to more sustained organic success, and a far more focused SEO strategy that allows me to make the best use of my marketing time.

    Cody Boyce
    Cody BoyceFounder, CEO, Crate Media

    Hotjar Reveals Website User Engagement

    Recently, we started using Hotjar, a tool that has transformed our approach to understanding website engagement. By utilizing heatmaps and scroll maps, Hotjar reveals not just where users click, but also where they lose interest, providing a comprehensive view of user interaction. Additionally, its capabilities for live recordings and feedback collection have allowed us to pinpoint exactly what draws users in and what pushes them away. This deeper insight has been crucial in refining our website's design and content, leading to a more effective digital marketing strategy.

    Tobias Liebsch
    Tobias LiebschCo-Founder, Fintalent.io

    KeywordInsights.ai Speeds Up Content Briefs

    It would be KeywordInsights.ai. It allows you to create content briefs for your given keyword or topic by dragging and dropping H1-H3 titles of the articles ranking in the top 5 positions. This competitor research has always been a very manual task for me, and now it takes a few minutes. It helps me ensure that my article will cover the topic in a comprehensive way.

    Marta Olszewska
    Marta OlszewskaCEO & Co-Founder, Refill Aqua

    ActiveCampaign Automates Personalized Marketing

    ActiveCampaign has been really helpful. Essentially, ActiveCampaign is a marketing tool known for being very good at automation, which makes it popular among entrepreneurs and startups who want to do more with their marketing.

    I find that its advanced automation options really stand out. We can create complex workflows that have multiple steps. For example, we can set up automation based on triggers, like sending personalized emails after someone performs a specific action, or we can design automation that changes depending on each customer's journey. This kind of automation allows us to connect with our audience in a very specific and personal way, which really helps with building relationships and acquiring more customers.

    Whether we need help with acquiring leads, welcoming new customers, automating e-commerce, or creating complex sales funnels, this tool is flexible enough to meet various business needs. I also really appreciate how ActiveCampaign lets us segment our audience into groups based on factors such as their activities, identities, and previous interactions with us. This means we can send content that's highly relevant to each group, which leads to increased engagement and more sales.

    Henry Brook
    Henry BrookFounder, The Page

    Google Workspace Tracks Social Media Posts

    Google Workspace has been a game-changer for us. We use a Google Sheets document to keep track of our social media posts—when and where they're posted, and if they've been completed. It's really helpful to see all our posts in one place, organized by date, time of publishing, author, and the social platform used. This setup makes it easy to see how many posts we've made in a year and compare it with our activity in previous years.

    While this system doesn't cover every social platform we use, we've included tracking for Twitter and Instagram. It's useful to compare these because the content we share on Twitter and Instagram often differs from what we post on LinkedIn and Facebook. Google Docs is also invaluable for working with our team remotely, and we rely on Teams for virtual communication.

    Rizki Kadir
    Rizki KadirAutomotive Writer & Software Engineer, Our Own Cars

    Canva Simplifies Visual Content Creation

    As the president of Goldenteak.com since 1996, I've navigated numerous digital marketing avenues to boost our online presence and improve customer engagement. Recently, we've integrated Canva into our marketing workflow, which has made a significant difference in how we create and share content. This tool has streamlined our design process, allowing for the creation of visually appealing graphics for our blog posts, promotional emails, and social media.

    Using Canva, we've been able to consistently produce high-quality images that align with our brand identity without needing extensive graphic design skills. For instance, when launching a new line of teak outdoor furniture, we leveraged Canva to design engaging email banners and social media posts that highlighted the aesthetic appeal and durability of our products. This not only saved us time but also increased our campaign's click-through rates by 20%.

    Moreover, Canva's templates and drag-and-drop interface have been instrumental in empowering our small team to produce professional-grade marketing materials quickly. This efficiency has enabled us to maintain a regular posting schedule for our blog, keeping our audience engaged and informed about our latest products and sales. The positive feedback from our customers on the visual quality of our promotions and the noticeable uptick in engagement on our social media channels underscore the value Canva has added to our marketing strategy.

    Elsa Rao
    Elsa RaoPresident, GoldenTeak

    Keywords Everywhere Enhances SEO Efficiency

    Keywords Everywhere is a Chrome extension that has greatly improved my digital marketing efficiency. It appends Google's keyword search volume, competition, and estimated cost per click to the search engine results pages and in various places across your browser. It will also highlight related keywords, estimate traffic to top-ranking pages, and list out ranking keywords of pages. It is a game-changer for any digital marketer that focuses on SEO, paid media, or content marketing in general.

    Max Desmarais
    Max DesmaraisPresident, Hiking And Fishing LLC

    Zapier Automates Marketing Tasks

    In my journey as an entrepreneur and digital marketer, having founded Anthem Business Software and BAMBAMTASTIC Games, among others, I've navigated through myriad tools designed to enhance the marketing workflow. However, one that has stood out for its direct impact on our efficiency and effectiveness is Zapier. This tool has been a cornerstone in automating repetitive tasks across multiple applications without the need for coding, thereby freeing up our team to focus on higher-value strategic work.

    For example, at BAMBAMTASTIC Games, we used Zapier to streamline our social media content distribution and follower engagement processes. By creating a multi-step Zap, we were able to automatically share new blog posts across our social media platforms and trigger follow-up tasks for engaging with our community. This not only amplified our content's reach but also significantly reduced the turnaround time from content creation to publication, enhancing our overall digital presence and audience engagement. The flexibility and ease of use offered by Zapier have made it an indispensable tool in our marketing tech stack, demonstrating that the right automation processes can be game-changers in managing and growing a digital marketing strategy.

    Adam Degraide
    Adam DegraideChief Executive Officer, BamBamTastic Games

    Canva Boosts Content Creation Efficiency

    Canva has become an indispensable tool in our digital marketing arsenal, streamlining the creation of visually appealing content for various platforms. We've found it particularly effective for designing LinkedIn carousel posts, marketing materials for our global summit events, and general client communications. The platform's ease of use and wide range of templates significantly enhance our efficiency, enabling us to produce professional-quality graphics without the need for a dedicated design team. This versatility and accessibility have noticeably improved our workflow, allowing us to maintain a consistent and engaging online presence across all our digital marketing initiatives.

    Dr. Mark Farrell (Fia)
    Dr. Mark Farrell (Fia)Founder, CEO, Associate Professor & Actuary, ProActuary Jobs

    Trello Increases Team Visibility and Collaboration

    One of our favorite tools that has improved our workflow—not only when it comes to marketing but for other processes too—is Trello. This tool has given our teams a lot more visibility over project progress. This means when some employees might be struggling with certain tasks due to unexpected challenges, others can step in to help.

    Aside from improving workflows, Trello has helped our team build an even stronger relationship due to the collaboration that results from the use of the tool. It’s been a big part of our company for quite some time, and I can’t imagine our work environment without it.

    Lauren Carlstrom
    Lauren CarlstromCOO, Oxygen Plus