Which Social Media Analytics Metric Should Marketing Managers Prioritize?


    Which Social Media Analytics Metric Should Marketing Managers Prioritize?

    In the ever-evolving world of social media, prioritizing the right metrics can profoundly impact your marketing strategy. We've gathered insights from eight experts, including Heads of Marketing and CEOs, to uncover which metrics they focus on. From tracking impressions to maximize exposure to understanding how click-through rates influence content creation, discover how these professionals use analytics to steer their strategies.

    • Track Impressions to Maximize Exposure
    • Engagement Reflects Audience Connection
    • Follower Growth Enhances Brand Visibility
    • Engagement Rate Guides Content Strategy
    • Non-Follower Reach Indicates Content Success
    • Engagement Rate Assesses Campaign Performance
    • Click-Through Rate Influences Content Creation
    • Impressions and Engagement Boost Brand Awareness

    Track Impressions to Maximize Exposure

    I prioritize impressions—the number of times our content is displayed—regardless of clicks or engagement. This focus has allowed us to understand the reach of our content on platforms like LinkedIn, where we actively market our solutions. By tracking impressions, we gain insights into the visibility of our posts and can adjust our content strategy to maximize exposure.

    This approach has been instrumental in shaping our strategy. It has helped us identify the best times to post, the types of content that get the most visibility, and how our target audience interacts with our content. By understanding these elements, we’ve been able to refine our strategy, leading to improved brand awareness and engagement.

    Vicki Morillo
    Vicki MorilloHead of Marketing, Cordless

    Engagement Reflects Audience Connection

    Focusing on engagement is like listening to your audience's applause after a great performance. It tells you how much they're enjoying your content and how well it's resonating with them.

    When you see high levels of engagement—lots of likes, comments, and shares—it's like getting a standing ovation. You know you're hitting the mark and creating content that really speaks to your audience.

    By paying attention to this metric, you can learn what types of content your audience loves the most. Maybe they go wild for behind-the-scenes videos, or they can't resist a good poll (I mean, who can pass up one of those?). This insight helps you fine-tune your strategy to give them more of what they want.

    Engagement isn't just about the numbers; it's about building a connection with your audience and creating a community. When you see people commenting and sharing your posts, you know you're not just talking to them—you're engaging with them in a meaningful way.

    Brittany Givens
    Brittany GivensMarketing Producer, Raka

    Follower Growth Enhances Brand Visibility

    Leading a team dedicated to harnessing the potential of digital spaces for SaaS and e-commerce businesses, I've found that focusing on specific metrics can illuminate the path forward, guiding our strategies with clarity and precision. Here's a glimpse into one specific metric that has shaped our approach:

    Follower Growth Rate: Watching our Follower Growth Rate has been like nurturing a garden, where each new follower signifies a seed of interest planted in the fertile ground of our social media presence. This metric is crucial for us; it's a barometer of brand visibility and appeal in the crowded social media landscape. By focusing on this metric, we've tailored our content and engagement strategies to not just attract followers but to enchant them into staying, growing with us. It's about creating an ecosystem where each post, each interaction, is a water droplet nurturing these seeds into blossoming relationships. This approach has significantly amplified our reach and solidified our position as a trusted voice in the SaaS and e-commerce space.

    Marc Bishop
    Marc BishopDirector, Wytlabs

    Engagement Rate Guides Content Strategy

    One metric that I prioritize in social media analytics is the engagement rate. Focusing on the engagement rate has been instrumental in shaping my social media strategy because it provides valuable insights into the level of interaction and connection that my content generates with my audience. By tracking metrics such as likes, comments, shares, and clicks, I gain a deeper understanding of which posts resonate most with my audience and drive meaningful interactions. This allows me to tailor my content strategy to create more engaging and relevant content that elicits a positive response from my followers.

    Moreover, prioritizing the engagement rate helps me cultivate a community around my brand, fostering loyalty and advocacy among my audience. By consistently delivering content that encourages active participation and dialogue, I can strengthen relationships with my followers and build a sense of trust and authenticity. Additionally, analyzing engagement metrics over time enables me to identify trends, understand audience preferences, and refine my content strategy to better align with their interests and needs. Ultimately, focusing on the engagement rate in social media analytics has not only helped me increase brand awareness and reach but also deepen connections with my audience and drive meaningful business outcomes.

    Mike Womack
    Mike WomackDigital Operations and Merchandising Manager, Premier Safety

    Non-Follower Reach Indicates Content Success

    When you're looking to find out if your content's reach is really increasing, take a look at the account's non-follower reach!

    One of the primary goals of having a successful social media presence is to attract your ideal client and bring them to the page. Sure, some of a brand's ideal clients may already be following them, and content should reach them, but non-follower reach is going to help inform if content is reaching new people.

    Consequently, if your non-follower engagement is also on the rise, it's safe to say that your content strategy is performing well and attracting the right new audience.

    Chelsea Evans-Flower
    Chelsea Evans-FlowerOwner, Scott Social

    Engagement Rate Assesses Campaign Performance

    Engagement rate is the most important metric for analyzing social media campaign performance. It helps to assess the effectiveness of paid campaigns, optimize ad spend and targeting, and gain insights into the audience's preferences, interests, and attitudes. By prioritizing this metric, one can develop more relevant content, foster community engagement, and improve the visibility and performance of campaigns.

    Smilja Pjesivac
    Smilja PjesivacSEO Specialist, Swot Digital

    Click-Through Rate Influences Content Creation

    I place a high value on the Click-Through Rate (CTR) metric for analysis of social media. Concentrating on it has greatly influenced the strategy of our sustainable brand. Through CTR measures, we come to know the number of people who clicked on the link or call-to-action in the post in relation to the number of people who read the post.

    We were able to identify the type of content that is most liked by our audience by observing CTR. We noticed that content highlighting sustainable practices was more popular. After that, we created content that highlighted our environmentally friendly efforts, such as the recycling of products and ethical sourcing. Furthermore, we saw 973 visitors in just one month and an increase in the sales rate by 17%. We focused more on allocating our advertising budget and maximizing our outcomes.

    Swayam Doshi
    Swayam DoshiFounder, Suspire

    Impressions and Engagement Boost Brand Awareness

    In our case, and for any new e-commerce brand, the most important social media metric is impressions. It's all about brand awareness for us in the beginning. With every impression, we have another person who is aware of the brand. In addition to building awareness with impressions, we focus on engagement. Our engagement metrics reflect the effort that we are putting into building relationships with followers, which leads to more conversions in the long run.

    Kam Talebi
    Kam TalebiCEO of Gigli, Gigli